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Spruce Ale

Alkoholhalt |
5,6 %
Doft |
Fruktig, kryddig doft med inslag av ananas, honung, citron, ljust bröd och granskott.

Färg |
Oklar, gul färg

Råvaror |
Granskott, carapils och pilsnermalt samt humle av sorten cascade

Varumärke |
Scandinavian Spruce Brewery AB

Samarbetspartner/Producent |
Klackabacken AB

Leverantör | Klackabacken AB

Säljstart: Systembolaget
Nr: 1372
Scandinavian Spruce
Serveras vid 6-8°C som
sällskapsdryck eller till rätter av fisk och ljust kött.



Scandinavian Spruce

A Successful ExperimentIt all started when we, one christmas tree farmer and one butler, got an idea. We realised that the sour taste of Spruce Shoots could be used to brew our own beer. With a really succesful crowdfunding-campaign where we raised enough money to do the experiment. Even the Vikings brewed beer on spruce shoots, we read in the literature, but also “Karolinerna” the soldiers of the Swedish King, Karl the 12th, knew that spruce shoots had a preventive effect on their health. Spruce shoots were often used once, and the beers made of spruce shoots were very popular until the late 1800s. Many explorers, such as Captain Cook, used spruce ale during their long trips because it prevented scurvy and nausea.

And now, in co-operation with Klackabacken Brewery, we are brewing our unique Spruce Ale. From the beautiful landscape Skåne soil developed, transformed and finally bottled so you can enjoy one of the most refreshing beverages.
Handpicked ShootsThe sprouts are harvested in May and rapidly frozen before they're mixed with other ingredients, to create a perfect balance to the malt backbone.

Cascade HopsThe frozen Spruce Shoots are then mixed with Pilsner Sauer- and Carapils malt and then boiled with Cascade Hops.

Saison YeastThe whole mix is then fermented with Saison Yeast and because the Ale is unfiltered it might be a bit turbid.

At the end of May we harvest the first spruce shoots, freeze them and then deliver them to Klackabacken Brewery who will brew our Spruce Ale.

In Germany, Hamburg, our Scandinavian Spruce Beer entered the market in September 2014. In Berlin as well as in Düsseldorf and Oelde it will enter the local market in January 2015. During the fall of 2015 Scandinavian Spruce won Systembolagets award "Svenska Smaker"(Swedish Flavours). Our Spruce Ale number 1373 at Systembolaget is now a huge success all over Sweden.

2015 we sent our first batch to USA. Shelton Brothers in Boston is receiving a delivery of Brown Ale and Spruce Ale.


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